Digital exhibition “The Cities Beneath”

“The Cities Beneath”
“The Cities Beneath” | © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

German graphic artist Fabian Stoltz together with journalist Jai Undurti has created unique city-centric approach to graphic storytelling: the exhibition The Cities Beneath, the first part of which was exhibited at the Rathaus, Hamburg in November 2017. We are presenting it for the first time online.

The Cities Beneath is part of the 040 project. In 2009, the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and the Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad initiated the project “040” with the aim of coordinating and joining their support for cultural projects. The name of this project is owed to the coincidence that Hamburg and Hy-derabad share the same area code – 040.

The idea is to use Chitrakatha (or comics) to find new and unique linkages evoking the idea of a city; To explore the geography of myth and fable - rather than documenting its physical fact. In this telling, the stories of these artists tell about themselves, their private mythologies will intersect with those the City tells about herself. 


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Fabian Stoltz: Born in 1972 in Freiburg/Breisgau. The first years he spent abroad and attended a French school. As a result, he came into contact with comics, which of course are part of the cultural common good in France.
He studied communication design and illustration in Augsburg, Paris and Hamburg, where he received his diploma in 2004, since then he works freelance as an illustrator. So far, four volumes of Stories from the Nineties have been published by Schwarzer Turm, while Grosse Freiheit (with Anja Kasten and Michael Schmid) has been self-published.
In 2018, What happened before, collected strips from "Der Freitag" will be published by Edition Breitkopf. Fabian has also been published in Panic Electric, Moga Mobo, Concrete, Taz and The Friday amongst others. He can be reached here.

Jai Undurti has a background in journalism. Thanks to a father in the merchant marine, he journeyed to over 40 countries by the age of 6. After that, he was sent to a boarding school founded by a spiritual guru - however he did not gain any mystical insights.
He writes science-fiction set in India, ranging from robots obsessed by mythology to speculation on the nature of Gods founds on alien planets. His other interests include occult archealogy, chess and city mythologies. He lives in Hyderabad and is often found in second-hand bookstores tracking down obscure volumes. He is a creative director at Syenagiri and can be reached here.