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Berlinale-Blogger 2020

They come from India and Poland, from Russia and Italy, from China and Australia: 17 film journalists from 14 countries and regions meet in Berlin and present their views on the Berlinale. As Berlinale bloggers they are looking for stories - on the screen and behind the scenes of the film festival, which celebrates its 70th birthday in 2020.

Berlinale-BloggerGraphic: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

Die Berlinale-Blogger*innen auf Instagram

The Berlinale Bloggers 2020

Jutta Brendemühl Photo (Detail): © Michelle Kay

Jutta Brendemühl

is programme curator of the Goethe-Institut Toronto and blogger at German Film @ Canada.

Philipp Bühler Photo: © Private

Philipp Bühler

has been reporting on the Berlinale as a freelance film critic since 2000.

CHEN Yun-hua

Yun-hua Chen

is a film scholar, curator, critic, and co-host of the film podcast Reel Chats.

Andrea D'Addio Photo: © Private

Andrea D’Addio

covers international film festivals for Italian and German media.

Camila Gonzatto Photo: © Private

Camila Gonzatto

is a screenwriter and director for film and television.

Egor Moskvitin Photo: © Private

Egor Moskvitin

is a film critic, programme director of the “Pilot” film festival and lecturer at the Moscow Film Academy.

Sarah Ward Photo: © Darren Ward

Sarah Ward

is a freelance film critic for “Screen International”, “ArtsHub” and others.

Michal Zielinski Photo: © private

Michal Zielinski

is scriptwriter, journalist, former editor at Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka Insight, among others.

Neelam Tailor Photo: © private

United Kingdom
Neelam Tailor

is a journalist specialising in pop culture, politics and gender. She currently works for the Guardian in London and wrote columns for the online and print magazine gal-dem.

Javier Estrada Photo: © private

Javier Estrada

is a film critic and Head of Programming for the Seville European Film Festival and FILMADRID.

Ieva Šukytė Photo: © private

Ieva Šukytė

is a freelance film journalist and art historian, covering films for online and print magazines.

Hyunjin Park Photo: © private

Hyunjin Park

has worked in South Korea as an editor specializing in visual culture and is currently studying East Asian art history in Berlin.

Arjun Pavakkulath Photo: © private

Arjun Pavakkulath

Arjun Pavakkulath lives in Berlin and is a content creator for social media.

Willian Silveira Photo: Willian Silveira

Willian Silveira

Willian Silveira  is a journalist writing for the Brazilian blog Estado da Arte, and has been covering Berlinale as a film critic since 2014.

Gabriele Magro Photo: © private

Gabriele Magro

is a novelist and develops content for cultural institutions. He lives in Turin.

Erik Estrada Photo: © private

Erick Estrada

works as a film critic. He was editor of the magazine 24xSegundo and founded the magazine Cinemanía and the project Cinegarage.

Anjana Singh Photo: © private

Anjana Singh

is a freelance journalist and editor of an Indian newspaper. Among other things, she works as a trainer for intercultural skills and organizes the IndoGerman Film Festival in Berlin.