Meet our Guests Reinhard Kleist

Reinhard Kleist
Reinhard Kleist | Carlsen Verlag GmbH

Reinhard Kleist from Berlin, Germany, has authored a number of graphic novels. He conducted live drawing sessions, workshops and presentations in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi and he participated in DeCAF – Delhi’s first comic art festival – in December 2017.

My first impression of India…
Somewhat chaotic! For Germans the traffic surely is quite unorthodox. I had to get used to the noise and shambles. In Pune my driver even had to explain how to cross the road: “You have to walk like a tiger.”
Things in Delhi that remind me of my hometown Berlin…
Actually a stationary store only! Two Indian fellow artists were kind enough to take Arne Jysch and myself there. A big signboard on the outside read “German drawing quality” even though most of the objects originated from Japan.

One thing I’ve noticed in India (that’s not so typical in Germany)…
Certainly people smiling all over. In Germany you find the corners of people’s mouths rather turned down - especially in Berlin. Here people seem to be laughing even when in bad, forbidding surroundings and circumstances. How much of this is merely a façade I cannot say.

A lasting memory of India…
Definitely the amazing live drawing concerts I could do together with brilliant Indian musicians. They ranged from Jazz via Goa style techno to traditional songs with a Chennai children’s choir.

Reinhard Kleist lives in Berlin and studied at the Münster School of Design. He has published a number of graphic novels, many of them biographies for example of Johnny Cash, Fidel Castro, the Somali runner Samia Yusuf Omar and most recently of Nick Cave. He has received numerous awards: the “Max and Moritz Award” 2008 for the best German publication for “Cash”, or the Grand Prix 2013 of the festival in Lyon for "The Boxer" to name only a few of the. Alongside comics he loves music combining both in Live Drawing Sessions.

In December 2017 he participated in DeCAF – Delhi’s first comic art festival: