Meet our Guests Arne Jysch

Arne Jysch
Arne Jysch | © privat

Arne Jysch, graphic novel artist, animator and storyboard artist from Berlin, Germany. He participated in DeCAF – Delhi’s first comic art festival – in December 2017.

My first impression of India…
In the middle of the night, I disembark the plane and on my way to the hotel: Can this be fog? No… it’s smog!
I had imagined Delhi being a metropolis. But where are the buildings? The only thing I could see were streets (where there was incessant honking) and behind walls and hedges gloominess only.
Things in Delhi that remind me of my hometown Berlin…
Back home in my house I immediately noticed the bits and pieces and piles of carton everywhere in the corners. This is OUR India. My family and I don’t manage to keep up with the German standards of orderliness.
One thing I’ve noticed in India (that’s not so typical in Germany)…
Very relaxed stray dogs. No barking, no yapping. Cool dogs. Pet dogs in Germany are quite neurotic.

An lasting memory of India…
The very first Indian woman I got to meet – also a graphic artist – had stayed for a longer duration in my native city Bremen and knows the city well.

Arne Jysch, born 1973 in Bremen, Germany he began studying illustration and graphic Design in 1994.  Soon he was inclined towards filmmaking and in 2003 Arne Jysch completed his Animation degree at the Film University in Berlin-Babelsberg that too with a hand drawn animated short movie. Since 1998 he is a freelance storyboard artist for film productions in Germany, USA and France.  In 2012 his first graphic novel “Wave and Smile” came out in which he narrates a fictional story about German soldiers in the Afghanistan mission ISAF. In 2017a graphic novel adaption of Volker Kutscher’s“Der nasse Fisch” has been published, a noir crime story set in the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties. Presently, Arne Jysch is guest lecturer for storyboard at the Babelsberg Film University and is living in Berlin with his family.

He participated in DeCAF – Delhi’s first comic art festival – in December 2017: