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Meet our Guests
Jai Undurti

Jai Undurti
Jai Undurti | © Jai Undurti

Journalist Jai Undurti has created a unique city-centric approach to graphic storytelling: the exhibition "The Cities Beneath", the first part of which was exhibited at the Rathaus, Hamburg in November 2017. On that Occasion he travelled to Germany. Together with German graphic artist Fabian Stoltz he prepared the exhibition in Hamburg in November 2017.

"Meet our guests" has a new style. For the first time we are asking our four questions the other way around. This means this is the first time we are interviewing a Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan partner who is travelling to Germany. Drawings are made of the answers our Guest in Germany provide us with - fitting to the topic Graphic Novel. In the current case it was Undurti's counterpart Fabian Stoltz.

My first impression of Germany was…

Answer 1 Answer 1 | © Jay

Things that I noticed in Germany which are rather untypical in India... 
Answer 2 Answer 2 | © Jay

Things in Hamburg that remind me of my home town Hyderabad… 
Answer 3 Answer 3 | © Jay

A lasting memory of Germany…
Answer 4 Answer 4 | © Jay
Jai Undurti has a background in journalism. Thanks to a father in the merchant marine, he journeyed to over 40 countries by the age of 6. After that, he was sent to a boarding school founded by a spiritual guru - however he did not gain any mystical insights.
He writes science-fiction set in India, ranging from robots obsessed by mythology to speculation on the nature of Gods founds on alien planets. His other interests include occult archealogy, chess and city mythologies. He lives in Hyderabad and is often found in second-hand bookstores tracking down obscure volumes. He is a creative director at Syenagiri and can be reached here.