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Current Music from Germany

This Month with music by: 

Ilgen Nur | Power Nap Records
Wanubalé | Agogo Records 
Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen | Tapete Records 
Die höchste Eisenbahn | Tapete Records  
Shari Vari  | Malka Tuti 

Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen

Shari Vari Photo (detail): Shari Vari © Carmen Scholle

Rock, pop, hiphop, electro: at the beginning of every month we shine our search beacon into the nation’s studios and clubs from Kiel up north to Weilheim way down south. Together with Zündfunk, Bavarian Radio’s scene magazine, we showcase the latest music by riveting off-the-charts bands. Pop made in Germany can also be downloaded here.

Previous issues

Popcast September 2019

Rocko Schamoni Photo (detail): Rocko Schamoni © Kerstin Behrendt

With music by: 

Deutsche Laichen | Zeitstrafe
Rocko Schamoni | Tapete 
Burnt Friedmann | Non Place 
Natasha P. | Seayou Records 
Move D  | Aus Music 

Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast August 2019

Express Brass Band Photo (Detail): Express Brass Band © Wolfgang Ramadan

With music by: 

Die Kerzen | Staatsakt
JJ Whitefield | Kryptox 
Matias Aguayo | Comeme
Express Brass Band | Trikont 
Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek | Bongo Joe 

Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen

Popcast July 2019

Soft Grid Photo (detail): Soft Grid © Sara Perovic

With music by: 

Holly Herndon | Beggars / 4AD
Andreas Spechtl | Bureau B / Indigo 
Kapote | Toy Tonics
Soft Grid | Antime 
Angela Aux | Trikont 

Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen

Popcast June 2019

Von Spar Foto (Zuschnitt) © Von Spar

With music by: 

Brandt Brauer Frick | Because Music
Johanna Knutsson | Kontra musik 
Fatoni | Urban / Universal
Tellavision | Bureau B 
Von Spar | Bureau B

Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast May 2019

Levin goes Ligthly Photo (Detail) © Tapete Records

With music by: 

Fred & LunaCompost Records
EbowProblembär Records
Karl Hector & the MacounsNow Again Records
Levin goes LightlyTapete Records  

Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast April 2019

Bernadette la Hengst Photo (Detail) © Jasper Kettner

With Music by: 

Charlotte Brandi PIAS
Bernadette la Hengst | Trikont
Apparat | Mute
The Modernist | Kompakt  
Xosar | Bedouin Records  

Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast March 2019

Stella Sommer Photo (detail): © Zoe Sanli

with music by: 

Daniel Haaksman Man Recordings
Jungstötter | PIAS
Modeselektor | Monkeytown Records 
Josin | Dumont Dumont 
Die Heiterkeit | Buback Tonträger 

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Ingram
Audio wird geladen


Popcast February 2019

Band Camera, 2018 Photo (detail) © Camera

With music by: 

Dendemann | Universal
Die Goldenen ZitronenBuback Tonträger
Efdemin | Ostgut Ton
Pom Pom A-Ton
CameraBureau B

Author and Speaker (German): Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast January 2019

Gudrun Gut © José M. Pedrajas

With music by:

Gudrun Gut | Monika Enterprise
Pranke | Staatsakt
Die Türen | Staatsakt
Objekt | Pan
Jimi Tenor | Philophon

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker: David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast December 2018

Andrra © Jetmir Idrizi with music by: 

Harmonious Thelonious | Marmo
Serious Klein | Majestic Casual Records
Roman Flügel | ESP Institute
Christiane F. | Strut Records

Speaker: David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


Popcast November 2018

Trucks © Constantin Timm With music by: 

Karies | This Charming Man
Trucks | Tapete
Barbara Morgenstern | Staatsakt / Caroline
Jens Friebe | Staatsakt / Caroline
Daniel Brandt | Erased Tapes

Speaker: David Creedon
Audio wird geladen


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