The German List

Books Photo: Goethe-Institut New Delhi

“Global publishing of books in the English language” is what Naveen Kishore, Indian book lover and publisher, is aiming at since 2005. His publishing house in Calcutta is unique and Kishore is a pioneer when it comes to translating sophisticated literature into English, to publish sumptuous, wonderful books. A cooperation with Chicago University Press ensures global distribution.

Most of the covers are designed by Sunandini Banerjee. Her artwork has already been shown in a number of exhibitions. Her layout for Thomas Bernhard’s Victor Halfwit got the book onto the list of the “50 Best-Designed Books” by the Design Observer.

Seagull’s German List which is supported by the Goethe-Institut since 2009 now comprises more than 90 translations of formidable works of contemporary German literature by distinguished authors and laureates such as Max Frisch, Theodor W. Adorno, Thomas Bernhard, Hans Magnus Enzensberger and Ulrich Peltzer.

Seagull Books‘ Catalogues are bibliophilic treasures! Under a specific topic, you can find texts written by the authors exclusively for Naveen Kishore and Seagull Books.

Selected Books

Naveen Kishore Photo: Naveen Kishore


Naveen Kishore is the founder and director of Seagull Books in Kolkata.

Translator Photo: Goethe-Institut New Delhi


Translators from all over the world translate for the Seagull German List.

Sunandini Banerjee Photo: Naveen Kishore

Book Designer

Most of the book covers have been designed by Sunandini Banerjee.

More infomation on the German List you will find here.