Wolfgang Hilbig: Ich

translated by Isabel Fargo Cole

The perfect book for paranoid times, I introduces us to W., a mere hanger-on in East Berlin’s postmodern underground literary scene. All is not as it appears, though, as W. is actually a Stasi informant who reports to the mercurial David Bowie look-alike Major Feuerbach. But are political secrets all that W. is seeking in the underground labyrinth of Berlin? In fact, what W. really desires are his own lost memories, the self-undone by surveillance: his "I".

First published in Germany in 1993 and hailed as an instant classic, I is a black comedy about state power and the seductions of surveillance. Its penetrating vision seems especially relevant today in our world of cameras on every train, bus, and corner. This is an engrossing read, available now for the first time in English.
German original published by S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt/Main, under the title Ich in 1993.