Sherko Fatah: The Dark Ship

translated by Martin Chalmers

Growing up in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Kerim, a young Kurdish boy, witnesses the murderous repression that defined the era for thousands of Iraqis. We follow Kerim from the fading memories of his childhood to his life running his family’s roadside restaurant. Captured by jihadists, he reluctantly joins the terrorist group and grows fascinated with their charismatic leader. After a narrow escape and a dramatically difficult passage to Europe, Kerim, tormented by memories of his violent past, is unable to find his place in his new country. Turning yet again to his faith, he finds solace in the fundamentalist mosques of his new city. But it isn’t long before he learns once again that he cannot escape his history, his culture or his doubts.
German original published by Jung und Jung, Salzburg, under the title Das dunkle Schiff in 2008.