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Granny Trude
100 Days of Summer

Granny Trude's tip against the heat
Does exhaustion plague you in the heat? Grandma Trude knows how to remedy this! | Photo (detail): Jakob Creutz © Unsplash / Celine Buldun

Summer on the balcony, but the heat’s knocked you for six? Granny Trude has some tips to protect you on a low budget without harming the environment! Incidentally, Trude’s tips are a great idea to enjoy those last days of summer even when the temperature’s a little lower!

By Granny Trude

My dears, we always wait far too long for the summer – and then there it comes, guns blazing! I don’t know about you, but that heat makes me all hot and bothered year after year! But sitting around all summer in Hollenbach, grumbling away – that’s just not my style. I’ve got a few tricks for you to save you from getting too much sun and help you enjoy the summer!


The most important thing is to drink plenty – but do make sure it’s not icy cold! It might not seem appealing, but on summer days it’s important to drink lukewarm beverages – ideally tap water. It’s cheap and doesn’t generate waste. You can even put it into glass bottles and take them with you when you go to the swimming baths or park. As a tasty alternative to set your mineral balance straight, try juice mixed with mineral water, tea or warm soups. Have you ever come across my home-made ginger ale
I know from my grandson Michi that summertime means festival time! And of course I also know that people sometimes like to have a beer or two before lunch. But my advice to you is to lay off alcohol and caffeine, especially in the midday sun! It removes fluids and minerals from your body, and puts an added strain on your circulation.
Instead, find yourself a little corner in the shade and eat a light snack, ideally several times a day. I’m not just a lover of plants, I’m awfully keen on vegetables, salad and fruit to eat as well – and they make perfect meals in the summer. I prefer to eat seasonal fruit and veg with a high water content from our own region. Hollenbach has a farmers’ market, and I love to buy fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes and strawberries there – of course I can take the opportunity for a good old natter between the market stalls.


I like to get up early on market days, which allows me to avoid the midday sun. A nap at lunchtime is the best thing in summer anyhow – at least I think so. I find a shady part of the garden, or if it’s too hot even for that, in the house. I ventilate my home by briefly opening windows wide in the morning and at night, but only if it’s cooler outside than indoors. During the day I leave the blinds down or draw the curtains. Not only is it good for me, it helps my plants too because it protects them from the heat – plus the fact that curtains don’t guzzle electricity like fans or air conditioning would. As well as that I switch off any lights and electrical appliances – anything that consumes power heats up the air in the room. So not only are you saving heat, you’re also making savings straight into your purse! So you can afford to treat yourself to an extra scoop or two of ice-cream…


Once the temperature drops in the evening, I go out for a walk around the block – that’s how I keep fit and healthy. My grandson Michi says it’s cool to wear black these days. Cool, my foot – tight black clothes absorb heat! I’d rather wear bright colours and floaty fabrics. Not only is it comfortable, it’s very light and airy for hot days!
By the way – instead of spending all day in the shower, it’s enough to run cold water over your wrists, or to cool down your forehead and neck. It’s a quick way of getting your circulation going, and it keeps water consumption to a minimum. And if you do get caught out and end up with sunburn, a quark or yoghurt compress will help. My secret tip is to rub coconut oil or apple cider vinegar into the sore bits – as every child knows, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
My dears, every day’s a school day, especially when you get to my age! So do any of you have any summery tips for me? If so, do post me a comment!