Herta Müller

Herta Müller, a highly prolific novelist and essayist, was born on 17 August 1953 in the German-speaking village of Nitzkydorf, in the Banat district of Romania. Her father served in the Waffen-SS in World War II, and her mother was deported to a work camp in the Soviet Union in 1945. She left her village to study German and Romanian literature at the University of Timisoara.

During her studies at the University, she became involved with Aktionsgruppe Banat, a group of writers fighting for freedom of speech. After graduating, she worked from 1977 to 1979 as a translator at a machine factory, a job from which she was fired for refusing to cooperate with the Securitate, the notoriously vast and ruthless Romanian secret police. Her first book Niederungen (Nadirs) dates from this period, although it wasn't until 1982 that a censored version appeared in Romania.

In 1984, she published a collection of short prose in Romania entitled Drückender Tango (Oppressive Tango); that same year an uncensored but abridged edition of Niederungen came out in Germany, which established her as a writer. In 1986, while she was still in Romania, that her third book, Der Mensch ist ein großer Fasan auf der Welt was published from West Berlin. The same book was later published in English as The Passport in 1989.

In her next novel Reisende auf einem Bein (Traveling on One Leg), Müller explored the condition of exile and the difficulties of assimilation. Der Fuchs war damals schon der Jäger (The Fox was the Hunter) published in 1992, Hunger und Seide (Hunger and Silk), Der König verneigt sich und tötet (The King Bows and Kills) and Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet (The Appointment), published in 1997 etc. are some of her other important works.

Herztier (The Land of Green Plums), published in 1994, is perhaps her most well-known work. The story describes the life of German speaking minority under Romania’s Soviet imposed communist rule. In 1998, Herztier received International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. The novel Atemschaukel (The Hunger Angel) was published in 2009.

Herta Müller has been the recipient of the 'Marieluise-Fleißer Prize' (1990), the 'Kranichsteiner Literary Prize' (1991), the 'Kleist Prize' (1994), the European Literary Prize 'Aristeion' (1995), the 'Carl-Zuckmayer-Medal' (2002), the 'Berliner Literature Prize' (2005), the 'Heinrich Böll Prize' (2015), the 'Friedrich Hölderin Prize' (2015) with over 30 more awards and honors. The award of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2009 made Herta Müller a literary celebrity.
In 1987, Müller left for Germany with her husband, novelist Richard Wagner. Later they got separated in 1990. Over the following years she received many lectureships at universities in Germany and abroad. Presently she lives in Berlin with her second husband, Harry Merkle.
Müller’s writing, both fictional and factual, draws substantially on her own biography. Her works are characterized by pure, poetic language and metonymic metaphors that recur and evolve throughout her tales. Her critique of dictatorships, particularly in terms of the lasting damage they wreak on their citizens, and her thematization of the possibilities for resistance, trauma of political oppression and migration, are the keys to her worldwide popularity.

In our library you find the following books by Herta Müller, audio books of her work, as well as books and one DVD about her life and her work:

Müller, Herta: The appointment. Metropolitan Books, 2001. 214 p.
Original: Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet (engl.)
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ISBN: 9783446233911
Müller, Herta: Atemschaukel. Gelesen von Ulrich Matthes. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2009. 5 CDs (391 Min.)
ISBN: 9783899036862
Müller, Herta: Atemschaukel. Das Hörspiel. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2010. 2 CDs (88 Min.)
ISBN: 9783899036978
Müller, Herta: Bhookh ka vyakaran. Vani Prakashan, 2015. 243 p.
Original: Atemschaukel (Hindi)
ISBN: 9789350727263
Müller, Herta: Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen. Hanser, 2005. [54] Bl.
ISBN: 3446206779
Müller, Herta: The Fox was ever the hunter. A novel. Portobello Books, 2016. 237 Seiten
Original: Der Fuchs war damals schon der Jäger (engl.)
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Original: Atemschaukel (engl.)
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Müller, Herta: Kaanch ke Aansoo. Vani Prakashan, 2014. 103 S.
Original: Der Mensch ist ein großer Fasan auf der Welt (Hindi)
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Müller, Herta: Die Nacht ist aus Tinte gemacht Herta Müller erzählt ihre Kindheit im Banat. Supposé, 2 CDs (115 Min.)
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Müller, Herta: Niederungen. Prosa. Hanser, 2010. 172 S.
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Müller, Herta: The Passport. A surreal tale of life in Romania today = Der Mensch ist ein großer Fasan auf der Welt. Serpent's Tail, 1989. 93 p.
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Müller, Herta: Peshi. Vani Prakashan, 2015. 172 p.
Original: Heute wäre ich mir lieber nicht begegnet (Hindi)
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Müller, Herta: Reisende auf einem Bein. Fischer Taschenbuch, 2013. 175 S.
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Original: Reisende auf einem Bein (engl.)
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Müller, Herta: Eine warme Kartoffel ist ein warmes Bett. Europäische Verl.-Anst., 1992. 77 S.
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Das Alphabet der Angst. Herta Müller / Reg.: John Albert Jansen. Goethe Institut, 2015. 1 DVD-Video (codefree, 56 Minuten)
Untertitel: Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Portugiesisch, Niederländisch, Chinesisch, Arabisch, Russisch. |
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Enth. Werke von und über Herta Müller.
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In our eLibrary you find the following eBooks by Herta Müller:
Müller, Herta: Atemschaukel. Hanser, 2009
ISBN: 9783446234574
Müller, Herta: Eine Fliege kommt durch einen halben Wald. Monolog / Sprecherin: Angela Winkler, Angela. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2012 (Audiobook)
ISBN: 9783844907872
Müller, Herta: Herztier /Sprecherin: Katja Riemann. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2011. (Audiobook)
ISBN: 9783844903980
Müller, Herta: Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet. Roman. Hanser, 2009
ISBN: 9783446235359
Müller, Herta: Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet / Sprecherin: Marlen Diekhoff. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2010 (Audiobook)
ISBN: 9783844901962
Müller, Herta: Lebensangst und Worthunger. Im Gespräch mit Michael Lentz. Suhrkamp, 2012
ISBN: 9783518796016
Müller, Herta: Der Mensch ist ein großer Fasan auf der Welt. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2011 (Audiobook)
ISBN: 978-3-8449-0490-1

Müller, Herta: Niederungen. Eine Auswahl. Hörbuch Hamburg, 2010 (Audiobook)
ISBN: 9783844903232
Müller, Herta: The passport. Profile Books, 2015
Original: Der Mensch ist ein großer Fasan auf der Welt (engl.)
ISBN: 9781782832652
Müller, Herta: Reisende auf einem Bein. Hanser, 2010
ISBN: 9783446236264
Müller, Herta: Mein Vaterland war ein Apfelkern. Ein Gespräch mit Angelika Klammer. Hanser, 2014
ISBN: 9783446248359