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The world is in need of ideas for a better, more sustainable future, but ideas are not enough. FUTUREPERFECT, an international and multilingual internet platform, tells the stories of individuals, initiatives, organizations, and businesses from here and elsewhere that have moved from ideas to action.

About Future Perfect
Future Perfect: Growing up well © Performing Arts Studio Yoram Loewenstein

Growing up well
Happy Childhood

A carefree childhood is not a matter of course everywhere. This "Future Perfect" dossier tells how initiatives are encouraging creativity and self-reliance in children and young people.

Life in Plastic Photo (CC BY-ND 4.0): Aaron Ashle

Life in Plastic
In a new look

Earrings, chairs and skateboards made from plastic waste – creative upcycling that is already making a better future a reality: the Future-Perfect Dossier on life with and without plastic.