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What’s happening these days in classical music in Germany? Around the 15th of each month we join forces with BR Klassik to showcase current CD releases of classical and contemporary music, as well as noteworthy developments in the German-speaking classical scene. You can subscribe to the Klassikcast on RSSFeeds or iTunes!

May 2018

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The current Klassikcast drops by the Händel Festival in Göttingen, introduces the composer Rebecca Saunders, lets Nils Mönkemeyer sing on his viola and follows violinist Julia Schröder on mysterious paths ...
Author: Johann Jahn
Speaker: David Creedon

Music by: Released by:
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: The Annunciation from Sonata no. 1, C. 90. Mary's Visit to Elizabeth from Sonata no. 2, C.91 and Carrying the Cross from Sonata no. 9, C. 98, Astor Piazzolla: Cafe 1930 from Historie du Tango and Fuga y Misterio.
Album: Misterio
Julia Schröder (Baroque Violin), Lautten Compagney, Mara Miribung (Baroque Cello), Wolfgang Katschner (Lute), Gerd Amelung (Harpsichord, Chest Organ) 
Sony Classical
harmonia mundi
Robert de Visée: Allemande „La Plainte“, from Suite f-moll, Pièces de théorbe et de luth.
Michel Lambert: Vos mépris chaque jour
Album: Baroque
Nils Mönkemeyer (Viola), Andreas Arend (Theorbo/ Lute), Dorothee Mields (Soprano), Sara Kim (Viola), Niklas Trüstedt (Violin)
Sony Classical
Rebecca Saunders: Excerpt from Skin for soprano and 13 instruments.
Album: Donaueschinger Musiktage 2016
Juliet Fraser (Sopranpo), Klangforum Wien, Titus Engel (Conductor)
Schott Music &
Sarah Nemtsov: Excerpt from Zimmer I-III
Album: Sarah Nemtsov ampflified imagination
ensemble adapter, ensemble mosaik, sonar quartett
Georg Friedrich Händel:
Album: G. F. Händel: Duetti amorosi Enhanced
Nuria Rial (Sopran), Lawrence Zazzo (Countertenor)
Sony Classical
harmonia mundi