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Rahel’s off to Hamburg
Leave a comment on our page and win!

Moin, Moin! Rahel’s off to Hamburg! There she’ll visit the “Zuhör-Kiosk” and the alternative housing project “Vereinsstraße”. Send her your questions – and win! 

Rahel is on the road again for you! This time in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg. There Rahel will visit the Zuhör-Kiosk in a metro station – a kiosk where you can’t buy anything, but always find an open ear: someone who will listen to you. Afterwards Rahel will meet a resident of the alternative housing project „Vereinsstraße“ at the outskirts of the Schanzenviertel. This property is part of an association of self-organised housing projects throughout Germany in which people live in a self-directed manner – and at the same time work for affordable housing in cities.

Now it’s your turn again: What questions should Rahel answer in Hamburg? Would you like to know how one comes up with the idea of listening to people in a metro kiosk? What do passers-by say? What interests you about the residential project „Vereinsstraße“? Do you have questions about rising rents in city centres – and what can be done about them?

Leave us a comment! With a little luck Rahel will answer your question when she’s in Hamburg. And we will raffle a surprise package from Hamburg among all participants

By commenting you confirm that you have read and accepted the conditions of participation. In the conditions of participation you will also find the exact details of the draw.

„On the road with Rahel“

Fresh air, clean drinking water, a park nearby, nice neighbours. People who are there for each other and who show consideration for each other. That’s what the Germans want in their cities. What do they do for it? And what are the problems? Rahel Klein visits cities in Germany for you – and shows how people are committed to making them a better place to live.