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Current Music from Germany

This Month with music by:

Fazer | City Slang
JASSS | Ostgut Ton
Laura Lee & The Jettes | Duchess Box Records
Nalan | Mansions & Millions
Sissi Rada | Kryptox
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Jasss Photo (detail): Jasss © Matt Lambert

Rock, pop, hiphop, electro: at the beginning of every month we shine our search beacon into the nation’s studios and clubs from Kiel up north to Weilheim way down south. Together with Zündfunk, Bavarian Radio’s scene magazine, we showcase the latest music by riveting off-the-charts bands. Pop made in Germany can also be downloaded here.


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Previous issues

Popcast December 2021

Vaovao Photo (detail): Vaovao © Anna Jaissle

With music by: 

Abu Ama | Accidental Meetings
Die Cigaretten | Audiolith
KARL HECTOR presents JOHNNY | Now-Again
ROBERT GÖRL & DAF | Grönland
Vaovao | Staatsakt
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast November 2021

Gewalt Photo (detail): Gewalt © Magnus Winter

With music by:

Gewalt | Clouds Hill
Isolation Berlin | Staatsakt
Maria Portugal | Fun in the Church
Niklas Wandt | Bureau B
Sam Shackleton | Woe To The Septic Heart
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast October 2021

Keshavara Photo (detail): Keshavara © Niclas Weber

With music by:

Glasgow Coma Scale | Tonzonen Records
Gudrun Gut und Mabe Fratti | Umor Rex Records
Keshavara | Papercup Records
Faust | Bureau B
Thala | Duchess Box
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast September 2021

Breezy Photo (detail): Breezy © Rhys Anderson

With music by: 

Breezy | Breezy
Henning Hans | Stargazerrecords
Die Radierer | Blitzkrieg Pop Records
Moritz von Oswald Trio | Modern Recordings
Nene H | Incienso
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast August 2021

Anika Photo (detail): Anika © Sven Gutjahr

With music by: 

Anika | INVADA Records
Hotel Kali | Antime Records
KMRU | Injazero Records
Peter Muffin Trio | Glitterhouse 
Zouj | City Slang
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast July 2021

Stimming Photo (detail): Stimming © Randy Rocket

With music by: 

Fehler Kuti | Alien Transistor
Maulgruppe | Major Label
Sophia Kennedy | City Slang
Stimming | Stimming Recordings
Tuvaband | Passions Flames
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Anniversary concert: 150th edition of Popcast

On the occasion of this anniversary, a special live edition would be streamed from the Habibi Kiosk at the Münchner Kammerspiele on Friday, 09.07.2021 – with concerts as well as a talk with Ralf Summer, one of the two faces behind the Popcast voice! Together with the musicians, he looked back on the 13-year history of the Popcast. 

We look forward to the next 150 editions!
Video on YouTube - Anniveräry-Concert 150th Edition POPCAST (07/2021)

Popcast June 2021

Fred Red x Maura Photo (detail): Fred Red x Maura © Fred Red x Maura

With music by: 

Der Plan | Bureau B
Fred Red x Maura | Sichtexot
Haiyti | Haiyti Records
Mine | Virgin Music
Skee Mask | Ilian tape
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast May 2021

Ja, Panik Photo (detail): Ja, Panik © Max Zerrahn

with music by:

Die P | 365xx
Irakli | Dial Records
Ja, Panik | Bureau B
Messer & Toto Belmont | Turnland
Servicio Al Cliente | Imara
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast April 2021

Sofia Kourtesis Photo (detail): Sofia Kourtesis © Christopher Bouchard

With music by: 

Anna Erhard | Radicalis
Driftmachine | Umor Rex Records
Modeselektor feat. Paul St. Hilaire | Monkeytown Records
Sofia Kourtesis | Technicolour/Ninjatune
Triorität x Lukas Lehmann | Kryptox
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast March 2021

Emeka Ogboh Photo (detail): Emeka Ogboh © Marco Krüger

With music by: 

Deadbeat meets the Mole | BLKRTZ 
Emeka Ogboh | Ostgut
Masha Qrella | Staatsakt
Mouse on Mars | Thrill Jockey
PeterLicht | Tapete Records
Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker (English): David Creedon

Popcast February 2021

Albertine Sarges Photo (detail): Albertine Sarges © Christian Mamoun

With Music by: 

Albertine Sarges | Moshi Moshi Music
Grandbrothers | City Slang
Invisible Temple | Permanent Vacation
The Notwist | Morr Music
The Waves| Yoyaku Agancy
Author: Angie Portmann
Speaker (English): David Creedon

#PopcastLive - 27 February 2021: Concert with Albertine Sarges and Band
Highlights-Video on Instagram (02/2021)

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