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Graphic TraveloguesGraphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

Graphic Travelogues

"Travel - it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller." (Ibn Battuta).

In other words, whoever travels can tell something. Spoken, photographed or drawn. Graphic Travelogues are dedicated to this form. Various travel comics already exist, often initiated by the Goethe-Institut - but scattered, sometimes difficult to find. Graphic Travelogues collects old treasures, creates new ones and presents them in a new setting. Join us on this special journey, experience and immerse yourself in new worlds.

On the go with the pen

Where did our artists go? You can track their travel routes and destinations on the map. Discover known and unknown places and experience them from a new, drawn perspective. Simply zoom in and click on the illustrations!

Current Comics

Xmas in der Pandemie @ Alexandra Wodolaschtschenko (Detail)

For seekers of meaning
"A Christmas journey in pandemic times"

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the lives of people in different countries. Since there are restrictions in place and quarantine requirements everywhere, this year’s Christmas and New Year holidays will be unusual. But we do have the World Wide Web: Come along on a comic-book journey through different European cities and take a look at how people there are preparing to celebrate in these difficult times.

Jan Feindt: Roadmap © Jan Feindt (Detail)

For Adventurers

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the former West Germany, a collection of comics reportage was published in 2005 in which three artists from Israel and three from Germany had recorded their personal impressions of each other’s country in the form of a graphic novel. One of the artists was Jan Feindt, an illustrator from Berlin.

Salvador is renowned not only for its Portuguese colonial architecture, but also for its tropical coast. The city has an incredible 80 km of idyllic beaches. While the Atlantic waves attract numerous surfers, the protected Baía de Todos os Santos invites for a swim. Coconuts are sold at every corner! © Gunther Schumann

For Everyday Heroes
"Es war einmal in Salvador"

Gunther Schumann says that street art (also in combination with comic art) is the method he uses to explore places. He always has a sketchbook with him because drawing helps block out other attractions, but ultimately, he needs space. He does not like to sit in front of small sheets. His street comic "Once upon a time in Salvador" starts like a fairy tale.

Travelpedia: Kaliningrad © Anna Wolowik

For City Explorers

Anna Volovik has been living in Kaliningrad for 14 years. Long enough to be considered native and short enough to keep discovering new places. The artist sees Kaliningrad as ‘unassuming, endearing and always amazing as soon as you turn off a familiar street.’

Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

Artists from all over the world

Learn more about our well-known artists, including Barbara Yelin, Reinhard Kleist and Sarnath Banerjee. All with proven comic expertise and sometimes with more, sometimes with less travel experience in the respective country.

Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

About Graphic Travelogues

Graphic Travelogues presents travel experiences by comic artists from different countries, illuminates and identifies recurring topics. From sketches to graphic novels, graphic diaries and travel drawings, we collect treasures here and question concepts and motivations, techniques and experiences.

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