The German List

German literature in English translation

Deutschsprachige Litertatur
Illustration: Tobias Schrank, Goethe-Institut

Demanding, modern German-language literature in English – that is the German List. Since 2009 Naveen Kishore has been editing this series in his publishing house Seagull Books. More than 100 translations have already been published.



Selected translations from Seagull Books


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Naveen Kishore Photo: Naveen Kishore


Naveen Kishore is the founder and director of Seagull Books in Kolkata.

Sunandini Banerjee Photo: Naveen Kishore

Book Designer

Most of the book covers have been designed by Sunandini Banerjee.

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Launch offer „Seagull Library of German Literature“

Seagull Books and the Goethe-Institut present the „Seagull Library of German Literature“ – a collection of 100 English translations of German titles. 
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Launch offer „Seagull Library of German Literature“