Alexandra Wodolaschtschenko

Александра Водолажченко
The illustrator Alexandra Vodolazhchenko from Yekaterinburg never learned illustration in a focused manner, she simply liked to draw. She drew her inspiration primarily from different stories: fairy tales and true stories. ‘Even now, I still want to show a special world, a world that you like to look at and develop further in your mind.’ In summer 2020, Alexandra worked as illustrator and animator in creating a video for Sky-Pony, a New York band. The video was about a highly topical issue – a little girl in self-isolation.

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For me, travel photography and travel drawing are...
"... are a bridge to the places where I've been, and a reminder that life, in the best sense of the word, is unpredictable.

When I draw, then...
"... I try to create my own world. A world with an atmosphere that gently touches my readers and can remain etched in their minds."

On my travels, I have been inspired above all by...
"... the possibility of abandoning the framework of everyday life and discovering something new in oneself. Travel enriches us with ideas and helps us see ourselves from different angles."

I would still like to...
"... realize all my artistic ideas in a befitting manner. Regardless of how banal it sounds, I would so like to bring everything that’s in my head to life!"

My reading for my next trip will include...
"... Neil Gaiman. I have promised myself that I will read him only in the original and can then associate this author with personality development and adventure."

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