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Fabian Stoltz

Fabian Stoltz
© Fabian Stoltz

Fabian Stoltz conducted the workshop “Comics and the City” in the course of the City Scripts Festival on 11th and 12th March 2017.

My first impression of India was…
the traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists on the expressway. Much less of regulation than in Germany but it kind of works.

Things in Bangalore that remind me of my home town Hamburg…
conversations at iihs over lunch. On movies, TV series, regional differences regarding mindset and cuisine.

One thing I noticed in India (and which is rather untypical in Germany)...
the security guards standing at the entrance in many places. Supermarkets, restaurants, museums, guesthouses. And the many birds of prey circling above the city.

A lasting memory of India...
the scores of exciting encounters and exchanges with Indian comic artists.