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Christoph Peters

Christoph Peters
Christoph Peters | Photo (detail): Christoph Peters

Berlin author Christoph Peters read from his works on 15th February 2017 in Mumbai and on 20th February within the German Week in Pune.

My first impression of India was…
Oh my god! The streets are cleaner than in Berlin!

Things in Mumbai / Pune that remind me of my home town Hamburg…
The Hindu art – being, in a similar way, wild, fantastic and brutal just as the carved altars in Kalkar. As a kid I used to sit in front of those marveling, fascinated and frightened every Sunday.

One thing I noticed in India (and which is rather untypical in Germany)...
That a several-day ban on alcohol is imposed prior to elections. – Difficult to say whether this really helps jogging the voters’ rationality.

A lasting memory of India...
The Sikhs’ Golden Temple in Amritsar – one of the most beautiful and certainly the most laid-back sacred site I have ever visited. The foundation stone having been laid on the expressive wish of the 5th Sikh Guru Arjan Dev Ji by the Sufi Master Mian Mir from now Pakistani Lahore is a lasting sign of hope that not only a peaceful coexistence but also a true friendship between religions is possible.