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The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan offers topics from culture and society in Germany, India and the South Asian region, thereby building bridges between the continents. With our digital offerings, we want to portray a modern image of Germany. At the same time, we take into account the local perspective, deal with topics from India and neighboring countries and promote international dialogue.

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Cultural Genres

The art and cultural scene in Germany and India is characterized by great diversity with respect to the size and scope of the various cultural institutions and projects. In the "Arts" section, we highlight "Architecture", "Music", "Visual Arts" and "Dance and Theater" and share regular updates on calls for proposals and residencies. The two focal points of the region, "Film, Media & Digital Culture" and "Literature & Knowledge" are also covered. 

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Contemporary Life

Germany is globally renowned as the "Land of poets and thinkers". But it is also the country of the Currywurst, of Christmas markets and Oktoberfest, of soccer and punctuality! How do the Germans live? What is the typical contemporary culture, what is being debated, and where do discourses arise? All of these and many more are the focus of this section.