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M.A.P // A.M.P © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

A project by Goethe‑Institut seeking to capture, document, explore and invite music, poetry, research and discourse on the intersections of music and activism in South Asia. The thematic frame of M.A.P // A.M.P interfaces with other topics, especially pertaining to civil society, minorities, feminism, and queer activism.

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EPISODE #6: Ahmer

Ahmer © Ahmer Prolific rapper and producer from Srinagar, Kashmir, Ahmer is acutely aware of the violence that plagues the valley. His lyrics reflect a self-critical and self-aware artist trying to make sense of a complex issue. 


By diving into his and his family’s history, Ahmer introduces the complexities faced by Kashmiri’s and provides a more holistic view of their society. His debut album Little Kid Big Dreams, in collaboration with Delhi-based producer Sez On The Beat, is a raw and vivid exploration of the brutalities suffered by Kashmiri people at the hands of an occupying force. This was followed up with the self-produced Inqalab mixtape, a ferocious response to the Indian state’s ongoing brutal crackdown in Kashmir. In 2020, Ahmer collaborated and released singles with Ali Saffudin and Straight Outta Srinagar; 2021 sees Ahmer release his sophomore album in which he brings forth the immense talent that resides amongst the valley’s citizens.

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