Advice and service

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Our Programmes

The department of Educational Services supports Indian teachers, schools and institutions (especially colleges, universities and vocational colleges) in planning and conducting their German classes.

We offer:
  1. Help with learning and teaching materials, methodology, curriculum and with implementation of the same in the German class room
  2. Professional learning and development for teachers of German
  3. Events for teachers and learners of German
Do you offer German in primary, secondary, or post-secondary education or plan to do so? We will be happy to help you.
Our goal is to support the teaching and learning of German amongst others through:
  1. Advice for all queries related to German as a foreign language
  2. Information about our initiatives in PASCH schools and  in government schools
  3. Networking of teachers and educational institutions
  4. Educational trips to Germany for decision-makers
  5. Offering support and guidance in course and curriculum development
  6. School visits and lesson observations
  7. Support in selection and acquisition of learning materials for teachers and school libraries
  8. Support in the placement of German teachers at schools and institutions
  9. Scholarships for teachers and learners of German for courses in Germany
  10. Information and promotion of German and Germany
  11. Linguistic and professional development and In-service training of teachers of German
  12. Support in the organisation of cultural events and competitions for learners of German at schools and institutions
  13. Organisation of youth camps
  14. Support in virtual and face-to-face student exchange programs between Germany and India
  15. Organisation of intercultural courses “Fit for Germany” and/or “Fit for India”
  16. Conducting central exams of the Goethe-Institut for school and university students and conducting preparatory courses for exams of the Goethe Institute and Indian school authorities
  17. Alumni work

More Information

Youth Exchanges

Intercultural opportunities offered through student exchange and student interaction programs for learning and gaining new and practical experiences through events like youth camps. Youth camps comprise the core mandate of educational institutions in a globalized world.

Online German courses for school students

The department of the Educational Services offers online German courses for teenagers (13-16 years) at a discounted price. The German learners in schools are entitled to avail this benefit. 
For more information, please contact your respective Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan. 

Intercultural trainings

The Goethe-Institut organizes special intercultural training courses "FIT for Germany" and "FIT for India" for school children, students, and German language  teachers for a better understanding of the other culture and learn behavioral strategies. 

Study in Germany

 The Goethe-Institut regularly offers Info Sessions (online and face to face) on "Study in Germany".
For more information, please contact your respective Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan.


Why learn German?

Goethe-Institut regularly offers Info-Sessions (online and face to face) about the reasons to learn German in schools. 
For more information, please contact your respective Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan.


The Goethe-Institut supports schools and institutions in their search for German language teachers