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Hegel's India: A Reinterpretation, with Texts

Hegel’s India: A Reinterpretation, with Texts

von Aakash Singh Rathore und Rimina Mohapatra

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In his writings on India, Hegel characterized Indian thought as "fantastic," "subjective," "wild," "dreamy," "frenzied," "absurd," and "repetitive." If Indian art, religion, and philosophy were so inadequate, what explains his lifelong fascination with India? This unique volume brings together Hegel's reflections and argues that Indian thought haunted him, representing a nemesis to his own philosophy.

Shedding new light on Indological and Hegelian studies, this book systematically presents all of Hegel's writings on and about India for the first time, including translations of his lesser-known essays on the Bhagavad-Gita and the Oriental Spirit, along with a substantive reinterpretation and a bibliography.
Book launch in collaboration with Oxford University Press and University of Mumbai.


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