Architecture of Practice: Research, Reflection and Reformulation RMA Architects / 1990 - 2020

Exhibtion: Architecture of Practice
© RMa Architects

Curated by Kaiwan Mehta

Gallery MMB

The exhibition is conceptualised across three registers to propose and communicate the biography and journey of a practice as it navigates changing scenarios and contexts, the making and shaping of a building in all its spatial, visual, and material expressions, especially in the context of the former, as well as the crucial aspect of how intellectual formulations are proposed through building-making decisions and processes.

These registers are proposed at two levels – first, the specific story of RMA over 30 years, and second, through the story of RMA to reflect on a broader set of questions such as the shape of a practice in the context of India, the roles and propositions an architect brings into the public sphere as a professional, and the relationship between the crafting of an idea into a building and the material manifestations set in an ongoing intellectual landscape.

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Gallery MMB

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan
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