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Max Mueller Bhavan | India Mumbai

Talk and discussion by Francesca Cotta | Camping with purpose
Unpacking a crisis

Critical Zones
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in the framework of the exhibition "Critical Zones", Topic:Permaculture

Zapurza Museum for Arts & Culture

This year, words like 'polycrisis' and 'permacrisis' have entered the official lexicon. These are perhaps a better way to describe the times we are living in and headed towards rather than just looking at the climate crisis or ecological crisis as isolated events. But what does this word crisis even mean? How do we understand the multiple crises that we humans face today? And what do we do about it? 

About the Artists:

Abhijit Patil is a photographer from Pune, India. As a photojournalist he has worked with the likes of India Today, Times Group, Sakal Group, AFP, AP, AJ+. He is a recipient of Media Foundation of India Award (2014) for his project ‘Rojandari’ (Daily wage), Democratic Youth Federation of India Award (2019) for his project ‘Male Gaze’ which was exhibited by Goethe-Institute of Pune. Visiting faculty for photography at Pune university, Seamedu Media School and Devrukh college of art and design. He now moonlights as a permaculterist working in the western ghats trying to learn, preserve and document the wild.

Francesca Cotta is a writer, editor and campaigner. She currently works with Sanctuary Asia as an assistant editor and has been part of the communications team of the Save Mollem campaign since its inception. She has previously been a part of the global climate action movement, Extinction Rebellion. She was also one of the organisers of Wildbiyoo -- a festival and residency held in early 2020 in Goa that focused on the intersection of art and climate change.  

Other activities you can expect:
- Film-Screenings (18:30 onwards)
- Q & A Sessions about the films

Come and camp with us under the stars, after we have discussed Permaculture.



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