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Max Mueller Bhavan | India Mumbai

Camping with purpose
Treasures of Grassland

Critical Zones
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in the framework of the exhibition "Critical Zones" | Topic: Grassland Ecosystems

Come and camp with us under the stars as we discuss about Grassland Ecosystems. The documentary "Treasures of Grasslands" which will be screened in the evening, puts the spotlight on the Indian Wolf and the grasslands of Saswad.

About the film:
A group of nature enthusiasts and photographers from Pune, in constant search for new subjects to document in the wild, came across the Indian Wolf in the lesser-known grasslands of Saswad, 30 km from the second-largest city in Maharashtra, in 2009. What followed was a decade long documentation of the varied fauna of the region that has resulted in a documentary film titled Treasures of Grasslands. It has been doing the rounds of film festivals in India, and was recently screened at the All Living Things Environmental Film Festival. 

Other activities you can expect:
- Q & A session based on the film
- Interactive Quiz 

Workshop Facilitator:
Pratik Joshi, The Grassland Trusts