Film & Dance Festival
Prayatna Film & Dance Festival 2019

Prayatna Film & Dance Festival
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Celebrating Puppets in Movements

Sakal Lalit Kalaghar

The Prayatna Film & Dance Festival is organized every year by the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Pune in collaboration with Hrishikesh's Centre of Contemporary Dance, Pune, India. This multifaceted festival celebrates its decade this year.

The festival began in 2009 with the sole purpose to celebrate the movement of dance. It provides much needed platform to showcase rare dance forms and exchange ideas. It allows avenues of expression through film screenings, open discussions, expert seminars, interactive workshops and performances. An amalgamation of these avenues, it aims to break the formal boundaries of dance and explore movement, space and technique through creative concepts and choreography.

The Prayatna Film and Dance Festival has received an overwhelming response from people across all age groups and cultures. Students, theatre artists, writers, dancers and film makers come to the festival in huge numbers.

Celebrating Puppets in Movements is this year's theme of the festival. 

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Sakal Lalit Kalaghar

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