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Science Film Festival 2020: Film Screenings and Activity


For Ages: 10 - 15 years
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We will watch:

SFF 2020: The Show with the Mouse: The Super Storage Battery
© Matthias Wegmann film production
The Show with the Mouse: The Super Storage Battery
10:20 mins

Presenter André Gatzke is at the fun fair and has a good time trying all the rides. The electricity for the fair and for our daily use at home comes mostly from power plants, which burn large amounts of gas and coal in order to generate electricity from them. However, this creates a lot of carbon dioxide. A solar park is a better alternative! The solar cells convert sunlight into electrical energy. Power can also be generated with the power of the wind. André poses the question though: what if the sun doesn't shine or the wind is calm? How can energy still be delivered?

SFF 2020: Nine-and-a-half-Your reporters: Wind, Waves, Dung
© tvisison GmbH/WDR
Nine-and-a-half – Your Reporters: Wind, Waves, Dung – What are Renewable Energies
09:30 mins

Renewable energy? The energy of the future? Robert wants to find out what this is about. Both his legs and his nose are put to the test. After 300 steps in the tower of a wobbly wind turbine, he learns at a height of over 60 meters how electricity is generated from wind. Back on the ground, he continues on to a huge pile of dung. How can horse apples, chicken manure and sugar beets ensure a good climate? What disadvantages do the individual energy production methods have? And how can we generate electricity from waves in the future?



Maps for Change!

After the screenings, participants engage in conversation with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to Quality Education and Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action and Life on Land. They work independently to map their streets and immediate neighbourhoods, whilst identifying at least one problem area for which they can imagine a positive change. Finally, participants share their maps, ideas and learnings with the rest of the group!

Materials needed: 
  • Any blank paper to draw your map - A3 / A4 size or similar
  • Basic drawing materials - pencils, colour pencils / crayons / sketch pens. NO paints please.
More details will be shared when you register!

Registration Essential: 

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