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The Kinderuni

Children are curious by nature and ask a thousand questions. The digital Kinderuni is a free online platform of Goethe-Institut made available for all children. It is an educational space meant primarily for children in the age group 8 to 12.  The Kinderuni encourages children to look for answers to science related questions on their own and satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Here, learning German is combined with an independent and playful pursuit of science. The structure of the digital Kinderuni is similar to that of a university. Students of Kinderuni (children) get to watch videos from three different fields, namely “Humans”, “Nature” and “Technology”, thereby attending “lectures” at the university. On the completion of each lecture, children are promoted to the next level, for example with titles like Bachelor, Master, Doctor and so on.

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At home

What is the difference between learning in school and at the university? To what extent can children assimilate knowledge – combined with laughter, enjoyment and experiments- differently? Christoph Biemann is someone with decades of experience in this field, with his programme “Sendung mit der Maus”: Children are curious by nature and have an immense thirst for knowledge. With the right approach, one can enthuse them quickly and for a long time. The Kinderuni is an ideal instrument to do that, because it combines playful, spontaneous learning with the natural curiosity of children. 

Virtual Info-Session for Parents: The Digital Kinderuniversity