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City Views: Mumbai

What constitutes the city that we live in? What makes it special? And how does one capture the atmosphere and convey the same to another person, who lives in another city, another country, embodying a totally different culture?
With these questions in mind the intercultural photography project in August 2017 began, for which the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai invited school students from the partner cities of Stuttgart and Mumbai. Mumbai hosted 15 youngsters between 14 and 17 years from 7 different city schools as participants in this project.

Off the edges  © Mihika Bendarkar
Tanisha © Tanisha

Tanisha Malekar

Meaning: तनिशा = Ambition
Age: 16, Class: 11
School: R. A. Podar College
I am a nature lover and I love exploring. This project has made me go closer to the natural beauty. Besides, it helped me capture more bits and pieces of Mumbai.

Mohit © Mohit

Mohit Palnitkar

Meaning: मोहित = the one who attracts
Age: 16, Class: 11th / FYJC
School: M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce
A really wonderful experience. Learned a lot of technical stuff about the DSLR. Before photography was a fascination now it’s an ambition.

Uditi © Uditi

Uditi Joshi

Meaning: उदिती = rising sun
Age: 15, Class: 9
School: Delhi Public School
My dad has a passion for photography and used to click pictures of me when I was little and it used to annoy me. I started clicking at the age of 7, when I clicked pictures at my Aunt’s wedding. I became a little less shy and started going out more. I saw my own city through a lens and it is beautiful.

Rohan © Rohan

Rohan Sreelesh

Meaning: रोहन = ascending
Age: 15, Class: 10
School: Delhi Public School, Navi Mumbai

After this workshop I can use a DSLR quite well. Along with technical knowledge, I also learned how to compose photographs so that they give out some meaning. I also learned that it is not only about capturing the moment but telling a story through ones photos.

Sanika © Sanika

Sanika Nayak

Meaning: सानिका = unique/ Lord Krishna’s flute
Age: 16, Class: 11
School: Mulund College of Commerce
This workshop was interesting for me because I had never really tried photography before. It’s like I became a tourist in Mumbai and saw ordinary things with a new perspective.

Dhruv © Dhruv

Dhruv Bangera

Meaning: घ्रुव = Polarstern
Age: 14, Class: 9
School: Garodia International
I am a funny person and I love photography. While taking photos I can relax. I feel like photography is something special and everyone should try it. This project has been a great experience for me because I got to know Mumbai better. Also I got to know new people and learned a lot about my camera.

Isha © Isha

Isha Jhunjhunwala

Meaning: ईशा = „Isha“ is derived from the root word „Ish“ refering to God (precisely Jesus)
Age: 16, Class: 11
School: R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics
Being a shy person, I was not accustomed to such workshops. This project brought me out of my shell helping me communicate better with people through a common interestà photography.

Heramb © Heramb

Heramb Kaprekar

Meaning: हेरंब = Ganpati | Lord Ganesh
Age: 14, Class: 9
School: JBCN International School | MBIS
From this project, I learnt new techniques with my DSLR Canon 750 D. Our coach Gaurav Juyal, explained me the aspects of photography, like angles, depth of field, lighting, motion.

Avan © Avan

Avan Hathi

Meaning: आवान = Goddess of the Water
Age: 14, Class: 8
School: Bombay International School
I am a shy person who likes to take pictures of people, nature and sunsets. I have been taking pictures since I was 10 years old. This workshop has taught me so much about photography as well as so many things I didn’t know about Mumbai. It has helped me love my City more.

Chaitanya © Chaitanya

Chaitanya A. Raste

Meaning: चैतन्य = Happiness
Age: 17, Class: 12/ SYJC
School: M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce
I had never been a part of an exhibition before but this was a fantastic experience. I like photography and it has been my hobby for 5 years now.

Janmesh © Janmesh

Janmesh Pansare

Meaning: जन्मेष = King
Age: 17, Class: 12
School: Sathye College
This project really brought the inner photographer out of me and I’m probably more photogenic now.

Malvika © Malvika

Malvika Mehra

Meaning: मलवीका = named after the princess of Malwa.
Age: 14, Class: 9
School: Bombay International School
I enjoy clicking unconventional images and I love editing. I believe this platform really helped me to understand the workings of a DSLR.

Manasi © Manasi

Manasi Kulkarni

Meaning: मानसी = with a sound mind
Class: 11th/ F. Y. J. C.
School: M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce
Being a big photography lover. The workshop is an amazing initiative and I absolutely loved the experience. It cleared many doubts and shortcomings I had regarding photography. It also re-enforced the enthusiasm and excitement I already had towards photography. All in all, best experience ever!

Armand © Armand

Armand Colaco

Meaning: अरमान्ड = Desire
Age: 15, Class: 9
School: Bombay International School

During this project I have learned a lot – not only the basic technical aspects of photography but also about the rules of composition, like the golden ratio. We learned to look at photographs from different perspectives and we did lots of practical work on the streets of Mumbai. I enjoyed this the most, as it helped me to look at my city through new eyes and appreciate it more.

Mihika © Mihika

Mihika Bendarkar

Meaning: : मिहिका = Sanskrit word meaning 'Dew drops'.
Age: 14, Class: 11th 
School: M L Dahanukar College of Commerce
My mom loves photography and hence I developed an interest it. I knew the very basic stuff of photography, but this workshop helped to understand the various technical aspects of it.  It helped me to take my photos to a different level. All in all this workshop has proved to be a very interesting thing for me.