STEM © Colourbox / Prayrit Singh

Mon, 17.05.2021 -
Fri, 21.05.2021

New Delhi


Student Camp

From 17.05.2021 to 21.05.2021 we will organise a digital camp for our students participating in VITAMINT Exchange prorgam in cooperation with Besucherdienst Deutschland.

At the digital school camp on the subject of STEM, everything revolves around the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At the same time, the focus is also on fun, exchange and international encounters.

In interactive workshops, participants learn the basics of filming and editing from a professional filmmaker. They will contribute their own films to a film accompanying the camp.

Also planned is an online experiment at the School Lab Berlin of the German Aerospace Centre on the topic of planetary research.
In a workshop at the Arithmeum Mathematics Museum in Bonn on the subject of cryptography, the pupils will learn about different procedures for encrypting and decrypting secret messages. 

The Futurium Berlin introduces participants to the topic of robots and sensors. EV3 robots in the Futurium can be programmed and controlled live from home.