Online Workshop Fortbildung für Lehrkräfte: #Online #Nachhaltig #DaF

Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit in Deutschland © picture alliance / Westend61 | Andrew Brookes

14.04., 19.05., 12.06.2021


Sustainable topics can be taught in an interesting way in German Language Classroom.
How can I save water? How much water do I use every day? What is virtual water? What is the significance of fashion consumption? How can you really save energy? What does regional shopping mean?
The use of videos, apps and exciting tasks gives lessons a new dimension and promotes the learning process. In the online workshops you will receive many suggestions for effective, varied online lessons for young people on sustainable topics. The contents are not only presented theoretically, but above all tried out in practice so that all participants get a better idea of ​​it and can use the sustainable topics directly in their lessons.
# 1: blue gold: save water - but how? # 2: Fashion and Shopping: Fast Fashion and Slow Fashion # 3: Garbage and Energy: Have you used plastic today?
Expert: Agnieszka Krajewska