Online Workshop Fortbildung für Lehrkräfte: „Mit Stimme begeistern!“

Read & talk in German © Goethe-Institut

10.05., 11.05., 21.05.2021


The voice is our visiting card - in an analogue as well as digital world. It conveys information, emotions and conveys parts of our personality. With a lively voice we can inspire, motivate and convince. In this series of workshops we deal, among other things with the help of theatrical means and interactively, with the question of what we need for a successful appearance in class with an effective voice and a strong presence of our personality.
What is my own voice?
How can I use my voice effectively?
How can I reach my students easily?
How do I look?
What should I change for a lively teaching?
How can I use theatrical resources for teaching?
The Aim of the Workshop is to convince with a strong voice and digital and analogue presence in (not only) public situations.
Duration of the Workshops: 3 Days each 3 hours
Experts: Stefanie Siebers + Kai Meister
No. Participants: 12
Schedule: 10.05., 11.05., 21.05.2021 – 14.00-7.00Uhr