For School Students

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Youth Exchanges

Intercultural opportunities offered through student exchange and student interaction programs for learning and gaining new and practical experiences.

Online Kurse ©Goethe-Institut

Online German courses for school students

The department of the Educational Services offers online German courses for teenagers (13-16 years) at a discounted price. The German learners in schools are entitled to avail this benefit.

Intercultural training ©Goethe-Institut

Intercultural trainings

Special intercultural training courses for a better understanding of the other culture.

Studium in DE ©Goethe-Institut

Study in Germany

 The Goethe-Institut regularly offers Info Sessions (online and face to face) on "Study in Germany".


WDL? ©Goethe-Institut

Why learn German?

Goethe-Institut regularly offers Info-Sessions (online and face to face) about the reasons to learn German in schools. 

Job Service ©Goethe-Institut


The Goethe-Institut supports schools and institutions in their search for German language teachers