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our Project team
IDO in Dresden from 26 July – 8 August 2020

Eduard Arnhold

Project Manager Main Office

Eduard Arnhold Eduard Arnhold (detail) © Agentur Ostkreuz My job is to coordinate communication with IDO partners, Goethe-Instituts abroad, the Goethe-Institut Dresden and the International German Teachers’ Association (IDV). I’m also in charge of public and press relations, creating marketing and communication media, and sponsoring. I coordinate the development of the contest in Germany and abroad. I’m working with the team in Dresden to organize the opening and closing events as well as the concert and award ceremony.

I often put lots of colourful stickers on and around my desk.

I particularly enjoy the multifaceted nature of this project. I’m already looking forward to the contestants in the Internationale Deutscholympiade 2020. 

Contact: Eduard.Arnhold@goethe.de

Nivin El Sioufy

Head of language and education policy (Head Office)

Nivin El Sioufy Nivin El Sioufy (detail) © Agentur Ostkreuz My job is to assist colleagues abroad in their efforts to promote German learning at schools, and to coordinate cooperation with partners in Germany.

On my desk is a headset because I'm often in touch with colleagues, whether through Skype conference calls or Adobe Connect sessions.

I particularly enjoy talking to colleagues about work and developing new ideas together for innovative projects.

Contact: Nivin.EL-Sioufy@goethe.de

Dr. Dorothea Klenke-Gerdes

Project Manager Goethe-Institut Dresden

Dr. Dorothea Klenke-Gerdes Dr. Dorothea Klenke-Gerdes (detail) @ Agentur Ostkreuz My job is to put together the local IDO team and the overall planning of the free-time activities for the contestants.

On my desk is the final report on the IDO 2018 in Freiburg, which was a big success. We aim to build on that success and the great atmosphere there!

I particularly enjoy working on the IDO because we get to host this one-of-a-kind contest in Dresden and we’ve already managed to win over so many supporters in the city. Along with our network, we’re delighted that so many excellent German students from all over the world are coming together in Dresden to put their German skills to the test and that we’ll be welcoming their German teachers here too.  

Contact: Dorothea.Klenke-Gerdes@goethe.de

Anja Epperlein

Project assistant Dresden

Anja Epperlein Anja Epperlein (detail) © Agentur Ostkreuz My job is:

  • To arrange the premises to hold the IDO 2020 and to accommodate all the contestants in Dresden
  • To assist in planning the free-time activities and main events at the IDO 2020
  • Local networking and assistance in looking for suitable sponsors and funding
On my desk are all the documents I need to work, a PC, a telephone and a white orchid.

I particularly enjoy working on the IDO because I’m absolutely fascinated by how many young people all over the world are learning German so enthusiastically. That’s truly impressive and it motivates me enormously to help, as part of the IDO team, to do justice to this enthusiasm and show the contestants a wonderful and unforgettable time in Dresden.

Contact: Epperlein@goethe.de

Beatrix Bartel

Administrator Dresden

Beatrix Bartel Beatrix Bartel (detail) © Agentur Ostkreuz My job is:

  • To provide project support on the ground, especially in the areas of human resources and funding.
  • To help put together the support team for the contestants
  • To provide support in all administrative matters
On my desk are lots of coloured pencils, because I like to use colours in my work, a big calculator, because I have to do a lot of calculations, and a funny movable wooden flower, which my favourite co-worker gave me.

I particularly enjoy working on the IDO because I’m really looking forward to so many people from all over the world meeting up for a few weeks at such a small spot to have a great time together – having the world here with us in Dresden. It also makes me a bit proud to know that what connects us all is our German language.

Contact: Beatrix.Bartel@goethe.de

Dr. Michaela Perlmann-Balme

Contest Designer

Michaela Perlmann-Balme Michaela Perlmann-Balme © private photo My job is to come up with problems for the contestants that will gauge their skills fairly and challenge their imagination.

On my desk is a colourful little porcupine.

What I particularly enjoy about working on the IDO is listening to contestants from all over the world conversing.

Contact: Michaela.Perlmann-Balme@goethe.de

Karolin Müller

Contest Planner and Panellist 

Karolin Müller Karolin Müller © private photo My job is to assist in planning the IDO by helping to develop the questions asked in the contest.

On my desk I keep a bottle of water and a box of tea next to my computer.

I particularly enjoy working on the questions for young people, which gives me a chance to be creative.

Contact: Karolin.Mueller@goethe.de​

Verena Rasp

Contest Reviewer

Verena Rasp Verena Rasp © private photo My job is to help develop materials for the IDO 2020 contest.

On my desk I always keep my laptop with a charging wire, a small loudspeaker, because I like working with background music, and a little cactus.

I particularly enjoy drawing on my practical teaching experience to come up with appropriate problems for the contestants and working productively with the IDO team.

Contact: Verena.Rasp@gmail.com

Gabriele Riedel


Gabriele Riedel Gabriele Riedel © private photo My job is to maintain the IDO website, i.e. to continually update the content in the form of texts, photos and videos.

On my desk is my computer, and before my eyes is a vast green meadow, because I get to work at home.

I particularly enjoy collaborating worldwide, looking forward to the young contestants and being virtually in on the action and up to speed all the time.

Contact: internet8@goethe.de

Alina Holtmann

Graphic Designer

Alina Holtmann Alina Holtmann © private photo My job is to give the IDO a visual presence by designing all the media for its publicity campaigns, which include references to Dresden, the history of the IDO and of course the contestants.

On my desk I have a computer, a cup of tea, and reference material  on the Goethe-Institut’s corporate design.

I particularly enjoy the creative work involved in designing the key visuals on various media for the IDO publicity campaigns and working with the IDO team. I'm looking forward to seeing my designs "live" at the IDO.

Contact: contact@alinaholtmann.com