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Photo competition: Rethinking

Water, fire, earth and air: There is no life without them. People are aware of this and had put the elements to use. That’s how progress was made. But now we have reached a breaking- point. Naturally, the balance has been destroyed around the world. The climate has changed globally. Many places are facing huge problems when it comes to the environment. Now, we are living in an age of Re-thinking. Either we keep destroying our environment further or we find solutions to stop to climate change and preserve our environment.    

With these intentions and this competition, we would like to motivate above all the young generation to think about sustainability and protection of the nature.



The participants will submit a photo capturing the theme- Re-thinking environment protection and climate change. The photo should illustrate problematic situations or a promising project from his/her own hometown and represent the participant’s perception of nature. For example- a plant, an animal or an environmental problem. 

The following themes can help you with the competition: 
  • The biggest environmental problem in my hometown
  • Positive examples of environment protection in my hometown
  • Effects of climate change in my hometown
The photo must be high definition. It should be minimum 800 pixels wide as well as 800 pixels in height.

The participant is also required a write a small text (around 120-150 words) about the photo in German 

 Folgende Fragen sollen im Text behandelt werden
  • Why did I choose this photo?
  • What does this photo mean to me?
  • How is this photo relevant to the theme Rethinking? 
  • How will the photo change the perspective of the person looking at it?

Terms and conditions

  • Only children between the age of 14-18 years who learn German in school can participate in the competition.
  • Participants are not allowed to use any photos from the internet. They must have taken the photograph themselves.
  • The photo has not been published on any other platform or medium earlier.
  • If there are any persons depicted in a photograph, participants must have consent from every person in the photo that it can be published online. 
  • Participants agree that the photo can be published with their name on the website and social media channels of the Goethe-Institut. 


The Jury will base their decisions on the originality and creativity of your photo as well as the comprehensibility and clarity of the text. 

Last date of submission: You can only submit photos until 30 days after the exhibition ended at your  

  • 1. Price: Participation in a youthcamp in Germany (per location)
  • 2. Price: Participation in a youthcamp in Sri Lanka, 2018 (pro Standort)
  • 3. Preis: Wristwatch + book price worth 500 INR
  • 4. - 10. Preis: Easy to read book

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