Intercultural trainings

Interkulturelle Trainings © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

FIT for Germany and FIT for India

Communicating and understanding each other in a foreign language is not only about correct language, but also about intercultural understanding and the correct perception of each other's culture and behavior.
Our intercultural workshops are open to all, be it students or professionals curious to know more about Germany, the German people, their mind-set, cultural standards and communication patterns.
Our Workshops: FIT for India and FIT for Germany

For school students( 13-17 years)
With a better understanding of the day-to-day life in Germany/India, these workshops are intended to sensitise the exchange students about Germany/India, student-teacher relationships, the German/Indian mindset as well as strategies to cope with culture shock, an inevitable part of living in a foreign country.

Duration: ½ day

Format:    analogue or online

For students aspiring to study in Germany( 18+)
Students aspiring to study in Germany get an insight into the Dos and Don’ts of living and studying in Germany, as well as of the German mindset. They will learn about study culture, learning processes and academic structures of the German universities, role of a teacher, campus life, and last but not the least about culture shock and its coping mechanisms.

Duration: 1day

Format:    analogue or online
For German language teachers
German language teachers benefit from the analysis of German textbooks from an intercultural perspective. They will be introduced to the Model of DMIS – Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity as well as the theory of intercultural communication. Further, they will be taught about the cultural nuances while speaking the German language and given a glimpse into the German mindset.
As a scholarship holder teacher you will learn about the daily life in Germany and will learn many interesting things, what to expect and what not to during their stay in Germany. You will learn a lot about the different mindsets of Germans and Indians and reflect on them. You will also be taught strategies to cope with cultural shocks.

Duration: ½ day to 1 day

Format:    analogue or online.

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