Digital DaF unterrichten: Vlogs und Videos im DaF-Unterricht

Thu, 19.11.2020


Referentin: Frau Krajewska

Would you like to bring a bit of reality into your classroom? Use the potential of vlogs and videos, which would enable you to immerse yourself in new worlds. In this seminar we would like to show how regional knowledge and special features that broaden the “intercultural view” of your students can be conveyed using films. In addition to that vlogs and videos offer numerous connections to the everyday life of the learners and thus represent a real treasure trove of authentic speaking opportunities. They serve the viewing and learning habits of children and young people and enable us to sharpen their view about the language of the images. We would like to try out different methodical approaches together with you and experience, using concrete online examples, how vlogs and videos can enrich your lessons!