Workshop Series - Webcomics

06./20.12.2020, 10./29.01.2021, 11.00 Hours - 12.30 Hours


Referentin: Amrita Dhara

In this series of workshops, you can express your views on the selected topic in the form of webcomics. These workshops would take place in four phases:
Phase 1: December 6th, 2020
You will get to know each other, brush up on your German Language, read short texts and picture stories / comics, practice vocabulary and grammar structures and collect topics or aspects of a given topic about which you want to write comics.
Phase 2: December 20th, 2020
You will learn more about the characteristics of picture stories and comics by reading, discussing, and evaluating some comics and webcomics. Using storyboards, you will practice writing comics yourself.
Phase 3: January 10th, 2021
You will evaluate your storyboards, get to know a few digital tools and comic book generators. In additionseyou you will use the storyboards and tools to create your own webcomics (raw version)
Phase 4: Januar 29th, 2021
You will meet in groups, evaluate your group work during the self-study phase and create your webcomics (final version). Finally, you will present your own webcomics.
Language requirement: from A2 onwards