Virtual art gallery Kunst kennt keine Grenzen | Art knows no borders: Collaboration in Isolation

Kunst kennt keine Grenzen © Goethe-Institut/Design:Gaurav Juyal

Thu, 01.10.2020 -
Thu, 31.12.2020


Looking back to the making of and subsequent opening of virtual art gallery

On 6th of September, Goethe-Institut successfully concluded the event “Art knows no Borders! Collaboration in Isolation” and formally opened the virtual art gallery for viewers. This project, which was a collaboration between 80 students from 4 countries and kicked off on 10th August, had three primary components: Emotional Well-being, German Language Research and User Study, and Poster and 3D Space design.

Emotional wellbeing: As we all know, as a result of the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, our young learners are spending their lives in "isolation". The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the life of every teenager in the world. COVID-19 social distancing requirement have a different emotional impact on them than on adults. Depending on their age and developmental stage, some adolescents may have a hard time understanding what the pandemic really means and how it affects their world. The aim of the project was to allow the students to reflect on their emotions and experiences during this isolation period and channelize the situation in a positive direction. 
As a step towards that, a special session with “Heroes” was organized on 14th August, where they got the chance to interact with frontline workers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The Heroes shared their experiences with the students and the students got the chance to ask questions to separate fact from fiction.
The impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the young learners was the most vital component of the project and formed the basis of the Art Based Therapy sessions. Under expert guidance of Art based Therapist and Well-Being Consultants, the students had the opportunity to reflect on their emotions that they are currently experiencing and channelize them in a positive direction. They used this opportunity to also brainstorm and come up with ideas for their artwork.

German Language Research & User Study: Study and use of German language was of course another important part of the project. The students, all of whom are learning German in their schools, took part in fun activities where they had the chance to research on specific topics and solve exercises. Amongst other things, they learned new ways to introduce & describe themselves by creating paper butterflies and funny Memes – all of them naturally auf Deutsch.

Poster and 3D Space Design: Creation of 3D artwork and virtual gallery to display them in was the third and final component of the project. By focusing on the theme “The Unstoppable Spirit”, students collaborated with each other to co-create 3-D artwork based on eight categories – frontline health workers, police, parents, senior citizens, teachers, students, administration and sales and logistics. Prior to this event, many of the participants had little or no idea about 3D designing but all of them had the hunger to learn. Under the guidance of Gaurav Juyal, of Disney’s Art Attack fame, the students learnt how to design and create virtual posters and the 3D spaces to put them up. The theme of these posters are to express our thanks to and celebrate the “Heroes” at the frontline of the fight against the pandemic.

One can view the digital artworks of the students by visiting the following link(s):

Health Workers
Tannya Parischa, Paalain Fatima Fayyaz, Vihanga Dissanayake, Anima Hossain, Royina Chatterjee

Priya Goel, Ameera Zaim, Janeesha Jinadasa, Umme Maimuna, Archie Mrinal

All Heroes
Samya Arora, Manha Ateeb, Adithya Shanka, Zareen Tasnim Lamisa, Shivangi Goswami

Navya Gupta, Shazmah Nadeem, Theersha Mudalige, SM Abir Hossain, Ronit Paul
Kangna Bhatia, Vani Gautam, Chenumi Senesa Chandrasena, Zara Mamnoon, Swastika Dutta
Sales and Logistics
Juhi Gupta, Samaira Sachdeva, Ataullah Zahid Bhalli, Yosra Naqvi, Umesha Ratnayake

Health Workers
Rishita Pradhan, Ananya Mishra, Alishbah Kazmi, Navila Zaman, Sithupa Nimtharu Liyanage

Chaitanya Anand, Darian D'Souza, Yumandhi Bandaranayake, Nusrat Jahan Phahlovi, Unnati Sinha 
Paridhi Tiwari, Minahil Aftab, Amagi Methla, Zarif Karim Abululayi, Shivangi Dasgupta
Ansh Jain, Faleha Hakim, Revon Fonseka, Ridita Paul, Priyom Sharma
Administrative Organisations
Varenya Arya, Pihu Pant, Moeez Athar, M.H.Prioman Zaman, Hangshanila Bungrung
Sales and Logistics
Ihina Purohit, Tanvi Kabi, Tafheema Tanzil, Sristi Chakraborty, Sapna Yadav