Kinderuni Week

Weißt du, wie der 3D-Drucker funktioniert? © Goethe-Institut / Kids Interactive

Mon, 23.11.2020 -
Mon, 30.11.2020

New Delhi



In the German digital children's university "Kinderuni", children aged 8 to 12 can decide for themselves when, where and how to immerse themselves in the world of science. As part of the Children's University, the Goethe-Institut organized a Kinderuni Curiosity Contest and the winners from South Asia (Pakistan, Iran, Nepal and India) will take part in 6 workshops throughout the winter week from November 23rd to November 30th. The workshop topics are Beatboxing, Graffiti,  Science Experiments, German cuisine and food art,Flying drones and Shadow figures

Participation: On Invitation
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