The art of the hour: Improtheater-Show for CBSE Toppers

fastfood-theater ©Fastfood Theater

Wed, 18.11.2020 -
Fri, 20.11.2020

New Delhi


“The art of the hour”: Online Improvisational Theater
The fast food theater has used the art of the hour to create something new and immediate
The high art of improvisation now remains in the times of live streaming
A fast food theater improv artist comes into direct contact with a viewer via
Video conference, can be given by this viewer and improvised only for him.
In these times of imponderability, unpredictability, loneliness and fear, 
the spontaneous art helps the human being, to  remember his creative power and his ability as
life artist. In times when contact with the neighbor is not possible, the fastfood theater offers contact - creative and artistic contact.
We invite CBSE German Toppers of grade 10 to the improvised theater show from the fast food theater