PASCH-Alumni-Treffen: What is cross-cultural communicative competence?

PASCH-Alumni Meet © / Edits: Renu Jamgaonkar

Sat, 31.10.2020



Referent: Prof. Ganeshan

A fruitful communication is possible only when the following pre-conditions are fulfilled by both the partners: Establishing common ground, Willingness to give information, establishing a common meaning of the information, Common topics of interest and establishing a rapport. Communication strategies are culture specific. When it comes to communication within a culture, the following aspects play an important role: Common language, Common speech acts, and Taken-for-granted meanings and connotations. A cross-cultural communication however is bound to lead to certain culture shocks and misunderstandings between partners belonging to different cultures. Thereby the following aspects play a decisive role: Differences in cultural concepts and attitudes, different cultural assumptions, different ways of structuring messages, different ways of speaking as well as interacting. In this context, learning a foreign language from a cross-cultural perspective is obviously very essential and useful. Only by successfully learning a foreign language in this manner, one can acquire the relevant cross-cultural communicative competence. In this lecture, we will discuss in detail what is cross-cultural communicative competence and how to acquire it.