Goethe-Zertifikat B2 digital

Goethe-Zertifikat B2 goes digital

Since August 2019, the Goethe-Institut Bangalore has been offering the first language exam in digital format.

This is because digital German exams are:

  • user-friendly thanks to smarter features which, for example, display pending tasks and the remaining exam time, and can change the font size
  • flexible in their implementation
  • resource-efficient and sustainable
The digital exams for the level B2 are carried out in the exam centre on laptops with a German keyboard provided by the institute. On the laptops, exam participants complete the modules reading, writing and listening (with headphones). The speaking module will continue to be examined by the experienced examiners of the Goethe-Institut.

How It Works Digitally:

Goethe-Zertifikat B2 Digital

Just Try It Out: the digital Goethe-Zertifikat B2

For further details, please contact Ms. Poonam Saxena, Head - Examinations, Goethe-Institue Bangalore on poonam.saxena@goethe.de 

Digital German Examination at Goethe-Institut Bangalore - Goethe goes digital

After Berlin, Jakarta and Mexico City, Bangalore has become the 4th city -and the first in South Asia - to offer the digital examination at Goethe-Institut. The first digital exam was conducted in August 2019, subsequently followed by one in September.
Candidates interested in the B2 level exam can reap benefits from this innovative testing method. In the next few years there are plans to replicate the digital pattern for the other levels as well.
In this pattern, the reading and listening comprehension as well as the test for the written expression are conducted with the help of a laptop equipped with a German keyboard. The Digital German Examination is particularly user-friendly, because it facilitates individual adjustment of font size and sound volume. We recommend that the candidates familiarise themselves with the German keyboard before the exam.
Typing on a computer expedites the writing process, because the candidates type their final text directly instead of first writing a rough draft and then copying its content onto the answer sheet. Moreover, the typed text is more legible as compared to individual handwriting styles.
The speaking module is conducted by experienced examiners of the Goethe-Institut just as in the paper based version. There is no change in this module for the candidates as such, as they are still allowed to make notes on a draft paper as earlier. The examiners, however, have laptops at their disposal to enter the candidates’ scores along with their remarks directly into the system.
The modernisation of the exams as well as their digital evaluation reduces the administrative work while simultaneously improving the exam quality, for example the results are available at “My Goethe” much faster as compared to the paper based version. Moreover, we are better able to cater to the increasing demand for exams and save resources, as the paper consumption for digital exams is negligible.
What do the exam candidates think of the digital exams?
I feel that the module Hören was especially better than the regular exam because we were using headphones.
Reema Joseph

It wasn't as complicated as I thought. It was simple in my opinion and not time consuming. I didn't have to worry in this computer based exam to make cross marks properly like in the written exam for multiple choice options in the Lesen module. It didn't feel strange or difficult to give this exam on a computer. 
Aliya Khan

When I was informed that B2 exam is offered in digital format, I was skeptical about it. The presentation with tutorial videos about how the exam would be conducted helped me in making an informed decision that I would take the exam in digital format. I am happy that I took in digital format and hence I ended up scoring quite well in my B2 exam. I strongly recommend the digital format to students who intend to take B2 exam because each Teil (Hören, Lesen und Schreiben) has its own advantages. They can also have hands on experience with a mock test before the actual exam to get a hang of how it would be during the exam. Many thanks and kudos to the entire team for offering the exam in digital format. 
Nirmal Iyer

Interested in writing the Digital German Examination B2? If so, then just click on this link and watch the tutorials for the different modules.
For more information please send your queries to: german-exams-bangalore@goethe.de