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 We welcome you warmly to our Youth conference from 14th to 20th November 2021 in the virtual rooms of the Goethe-Institut Bangalore.
This year the theme for our Youth Conference is "Future: We'll make it." The focus thereby lies on enabling each and every human being to live in dignity, freedom and peace in an intact and well-functioning environment.
There will be ideas galore in the presentations and workshops pertaining to the sustainable measures that you can adopt yourself to contribute to safeguarding our shared future; be it, for example, through upcycling or through the use of natural colours. In addition, you will find inspiration in the practical mutual exchanges with your fellow students and explore possibilities of working together responsibly, because working towards a sustainable future requires joint effort.
We look forward to the live digital interaction with you all and hope that the many inspirations gained during the Youth Conference will be a veritable goldmine of information for your contribution towards a sustainable future.
Here’s wishing all of us an inspiring and enriching Conference!
Goethe-Instituts / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore
ZFA (The Central Agency for Schools Abroad)
 Here is the Program:  Program
Workshop details:  Workshop details