Aruna Ganesh Ram
bangaloREsident-Expanded@Wisp Kollektiv

agr ©Aruna Ganesh Ram Aruna Ganesh Ram founded Visual Respiration in 2012, after making a performance by the same name, where she told human stories of digital photographs. She is presently the Artistic Director of Visual Respiration. She also uses arts practices to create sensory learning experiences.
She is a trainer where she engages with students in the craft of performance making. She holds an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Aruna's work goes beyond the linear and she generates performance material through research and embodied practice. The audience is part of the making process from the word go, given that the work is intimate and immersive in nature. She is interested in the performance to present multiple perspectives without resorting to the single narrative.

Aruna thinks in images and composes her work as a set of visual movements with sensory touches. Her work over the last years plays with ideas of space, character, narratives and sounds. She is very keen on the audience not being a passive spectator and believe that theatre as a medium is for the LIVE to come Alive – sensorially.
At Wisp Kollektiv, Leipzig, she will develop ‘Sonic Identities’ – an aural performance experience of gender.