Hemant Sreekumar
bangaloREsident-Expanded@Experimental Radio

Hemant Sreekumar © Khoj International Artists Association Hemant Sreekumar is an Indian artist from Bangalore. He has a background in art history, fine arts and digital media. He creates performance art with synthetic audio using principles of emergence + also produces visual media including prints and light based works. His works respond to notions of decay, generative bias and loss of semantics.

Hemant likes embroidering coded computational processes to create sonic situations. He has worked in the past as a programme coordinator at Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi. More recently he has been a researcher at Compart, Bremen, documenting early computer generated/algorithmic art. At present he works as a Data Visualization Consultant for W+K. His present compositions deal with notions of measurement, decay, data sonification and stochastic emergence.

Hemant Sreekumar - Godsignal © Ralf Homann "Godsignal is a performance that explores 'Nothing'. 'Nothing' in this particular context is the void/empty space within and around atoms & the processes within various formats of 'Pressure' & 'Radiation'. Radio / Electro-magnetic waves being the content of nothingness are showcased in fantasy textures with plural interference and congestion disturbing itself. The composition started while working with the idea that when the Big Bang occurred – there would not have been any acoustic 'bang' since there would not have been any atmosphere & the event would have occurred in total vacuum."(Hemant Sreekumar)

Hemant presented Godsignal as part of the exhibition PODCAST curated by ex-bangaloREsident@Maraa Ralf Homann, at Kunstraum, Munich on January 16, 2019.