Jeevan Xavier

Jeevan Xavier ©Jeevan Xavier Jeevan Xavier, JLX, is a designer and artist based in Bangalore, with two decades of experience in the textile industry, and five years of artistic practice. Self-taught nartist, lets his subject decide on the medium of work. His subjects have evolved from affects of his personal encounters with social conflicts. He takes the conflicts back to the public as a piece of work to trigger conversations. His artistic practice is a way of connecting with society at large. Hence, his work by itself is not the end, he sees it as an abstract conversational point. People and folklore are other areas of interest, cross-pollination of these interests and his two-decade long industrial experience is visible in his work. Contradictions in behaviour and its dynamics in human interaction intrigue him and inspire  his practice of design and art.  

Jeevan studied textile and fashion design before starting his career in the textile industry in 1999. He has worked with two major textile companies in India in senior positions leading teams of designer, artists and technicians. And has designed products for many brands across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia over the past twenty years. He has also done workshops under an abstract painter Tricia Gilman and Rod Judkin on art and creative problem solving respectively. Currently he is running a firm in Bangalore, JLX Studio; under this banner he is engaging in new research projects in the areas of folklore and vernacular design in South India, alongside his design and art practice.    

During his residency at Zentralwerk, Dresden, he will be exploring an artwork focusing on how the individual’s ideological differences play out in our daily life between partners, family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues.