Rakshita Mittal
bangaloREsident-Expanded@Lichtenberg Studios

Rakshita Mittal © Rakshita Mittal Rakshita Mittal is a visual artist based out of Bangalore, India. Her work explores the relationships between people and the spaces they inhabit. She singles out moments of shared connection and feeling, to build a narrative using visuals as data points. 

Rakshita has a Masters in Information Arts & Information Design Practices from Srishti Institute of Arts, Design & Technology in Bangalore. Working around themes of community, gender and space, her practice is informed by the difference in cultures which dictate our interactions with one another. She uses Photography and printmaking as her primary medium to start a dialogue and create meaningful connections.  

At Lichtenberg Studios, Rakshita will be working to create a body of work around the local communities of that area, particularly the women. Through the medium of visual art and photography, she intends to explore the role of women, their interactions and how it shapes the cultural geography of that place.